Discover one of Amsterdam's hidden treasures and its finest destination day or night - in Reguliersdwarsstraat!

Wander through a green oasis and enjoy its ambiance from noon to dusk - and beyond.

Take delight in a broad palette of signature dishes from cuisines around the world, soon to be your favourites in town. 

Catch up over a coffee, enjoy amazing beers or be surprised by cocktail connoisseurs.

Let loose, dress up, go hard or go home. Whether you're gay or straight or something in between, there’s something here for everyone!

Bike parking policy

Please note that since July 2018 there are new regulations regarding bike and scooter parking:

It's not allowed anymore to park bikes and scooters outside the designated bike parking areas, which are marked on the street as well as by signs. There's also an indoor bike parking just around the corner, at Vijzelstraat 20. Any bikes parked outside the designated areas will eventually be removed.

Please act accordingly to to keep our pink & green village accessible and attractive!

More about these regulations in Dutch: Fietsparkeerregels